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Fierorama 2006 Videos
Show Date 9-11-2006
3800SC Car Tour 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 542 0 --
3800SC Car Tour This is a nice swap that was completed. Notice the tires. They were almost slicks. The Fuel rails were moved from over the top of the motor as well. Looks Great
86 SE Custom Arriving 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 521 0 --
86 SE Custom Arriving This is a black 86 SE Custom showing up at the show. This is my brothers car.
Choptop Homecoming 2006 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 501 0 --
Choptop Homecoming 2006 This was taken at archies on 9-10-2006.
First Arrivals at Fierorama 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 552 0 --
First Arrivals at Fierorama This is the first people that came to the show. You can see how wet it was there.
Head Gasket 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 528 0 --
Head Gasket This 3.4 Turbo blew his head gasket on the way. Lots of smoke in this one
I BLU IT From Nebraska 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 491 0 --
I BLU IT From Nebraska This car has many upgrades to it. Great car.
New Unfinshed Chop from Archie NSX-R Headlighs and Car 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 477 0 --
New Unfinshed Chop from Archie  NSX-R Headlighs and Car This is a full Video of the Car and the NSX-R Lights that are going into the car. This will be going to New York when complete per the plates on the car.
Nice 3800SC 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 526 0 --
Nice 3800SC This car was trailer-ed into the show. Sounds awesome when running. This is a video of that.
Nice Rebody 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 533 0 --
Nice Rebody This was my sons fav Rebody at the show. He was all over it at Archies. He wanted to get some tape of it.
Ramdom swaps and cars 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 499 0 --
Ramdom swaps and cars Nice Video showing Archie's Roadster, The Stinger and looks to be a 4.9 swap with NOS hooked up, You can see DrCPU's car as well.
Random Fieros 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 489 0 --
Random Fieros This is Random Fieros that were at the show.
Red and White Custom 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 532 0 --
Red and White Custom This is an awesome custom from WI. Has a 3800SC in it. They drove 134 mile to attend the show
Tinas 383 15.12.12 fieronews wmv 604 0 --
Tinas 383 She won Best of show and was the only smart person to bring a tent to stay dry under at the show.
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